Mercedes A35 spec and first look

Following our recent news article on the Mercedes A35 and A45 AMG

we can finally see what the final production A35 AMG looks like but first, let's get into the Nitty Gritty Specs:

  • Engine:           1991cc - turbocharged 2.0-litre
  • Torque:           295lbs ft from 3,000rpm
  • Fuel:                Petrol
  • Power:            302bhp from 5,800.00RPM
  • Wheel drive:   Four wheel drive - 4Matic
  • top speed:     (limited to) 155mph
  • Price:              £38,000.00(estimated)
  • 0-62mph:       4.7seconds
  • Transmission: 7-speed dual-clutch 


Mercedes-AMG has given us the A45 for the super hot hatch scene and now they are giving us the hot hatch challenger with the A35 4Matic, to compete with the likes of Audi S3, VW Golf R, Ford Focus RS and Honda Civic Type-R a strong designed compact five-door model family hatchback that you can tack to the track once you've dropped the kids off at school and back again for home time. With new aero splitters and a big rear wing, it looks substantially more aggressive than the entry-level A-Class models. The diffuser insert flanked by two round exhaust tips give the car a meaner attitude similar to the Mk1 A45 that’ll only be surpassed by the upcoming A45 and A45 S models.


The A35 packs a bunch and is in need of new stopping power, which is why the engineers have fitted the A35 with hench 350-mm front and 330-mm rear disc brakes which are vented for add cooling under hard and constant braking. These ventilated and perforated discs are complemented by silver brake callipers adorned by the black “AMG” lettering to make the car stand out from the rest of the new A-Class.


Mercedes-AMG has also made changes to the body to boost torsional stiffness while the aforementioned DCT 7G has different gear ratios for better throttle response. 

The A35 is loaded with all the tech you’ll find in the other A-Class variants, plus some model-specific items like a new “Slippery” driving mode, developed for wet and slippery road conditions by reducing power and providing a flat torque curve to increase the car’s stability. It also changes gears smoother and upshifts earlier, while the start/stop system also comes to aid the driver. The “Slippery” mode is added to the previous four other selectable modes: “Comfort,” “Sport,” “Sport+” and “Individual.”

Mercedes will show the new A35 4Matic on display starting October 2 at the 2018 Paris Motor Show and will begin to take orders later the same month. Customer deliveries expected January 2019.






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JamesTypeR If i had the funds i would wait for the A45, which is more in line with the RS3 6 months ago
kyle For the price you may aswell put it towards an C63 or c45 6 months ago
ldnbikes Yeah I agree the prices on these hot hatches are a joke these days 6 months ago
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