Lotus Evija - 2000hp Electric Hyper-car revealed

The new Lotus Evija, possibly the most powerful production car in the world..... and it's electric!

Lotus plans to manufacture the car at their facility in Norfolk, UK, but your here for the figures, right? An output of 1973bhp is promised, which is more than the 1479bhp internally combusted Bugatti Chiron. 

  • 1970bhp
  • 1,253 lb-ft of instant torque
  • Four electric motors - one per wheel
  • full carbon fiber
  • £2.4 million est price
  • Available 2021
  • 189mph in 9 seconds
  • top speed in excess of 210mph
  • Fully recharged in 18 minutes
  • weighs 1,680 kilograms

The director of Vehicle Attributes at Lotus, Gavan Kershaw, says "Physical prototype testing at speed is a landmark moment for the Evija and hugely exciting for everyone involved. Our aim is to make sure it’s a true Lotus in every sense, with exceptional performance that’s going to set new standards in the hypercar sector.” 

No more than 130 of these exotic two-seater hypercars will be built, each priced at £2.4 million. expect four-wheel drive, 1254lb ft and torque vectoring, giving it a 0-62mph time of less than three seconds, a 0-186mph time of fewer than nine seconds and a top speed of 200mph-plus and you can reserve one with a refundable deposit of £250,000. 

 The Evija sits at 4.59m long, 2.0m wide and 1.12m in high. The design is permitted by the adoption of an electric drive. Lotus hasn’t yet revealed how many electric motors the car will have or where they’ll be positioned, but its partnership with Williams Advanced Engineering who are the supply the batteries for Formula E grid and will be key to the Evija’s performance. 

The Evija will have a 70kWh battery, capable of being charged at up to 350kW, enabling an 18-minute charge with an estimated range of around 250 miles. The charge port is at the rear of this stunningly exquisite hyper car.

Construction is made from carbon fiber on both chassis and body, as Lotus stays true to its lightweight philosophy. however, the Evija is likely to be the heaviest Lotus ever produced. 

Inside, the carbon fiber construction remains visible in what’s a relatively spacious cockpit.  

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