All New 2019 Audi TTRS - First look

Heres a look at the all new Audi TTRS and what you can expect from this new power coupe

Audi have come along way with the TT since its release in 1998 and now two decades on, they have really set the pace with the 2019 TTRS which boost 394BHP and a 0-62 of 3.7seconds. Its fair to say this is more than a hair dressers car and a new favorite for many tuning companies and enthusiast.

Audi first launched the TTRS in 2009 which came with a respectable 335BHP and like the original TTRS the new one is limited to 155mph, however, with the limiter removed it will hit 174mph.

One thing the new and old TTRS don't have in common is the price, when the first TTRS was on sale you could pick it up for £40,000.00, however, if you want the 2019 RS on your drive you should be prepared to part with £60,000.00 or 62,000.00 for the roadster. Ouch, but is it worth it.

Well in todays market its on the edge of practical. And what do we mean by that? well it still comes with 4 seats (coupe only), a half decent boot and all the top spec gadgets, like digital cockpit display, wireless phone charging, 680-watt Bang and Olufsen sound system, Wi-Fi hotspot, online services and Audi Phone Box connection. Oh and one of the one the quickest cars around with track focused performance and handling.

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Expect to find pleanty of Carbon fibre trim and detailing to the interior and exterior along with the likes of an alcantara steering wheel and new embossed seats.

Along with the sucessful dual speed clutch transmission, which todate, has been capable of keeping up with most power modifications seen in the previous models, the 5 cylinder motor has also seen significant updates which can also be found in the new Audi RS3. 

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