2019 BMW R1200GS

Current model pictured

The Nitty Gritty Specs:

  • Engine:           1254cc - Air/liquid-cooled four-stroke twin-cylinder boxer engine
  • Fuel:               Petrol
  • Power:           134.1 BHP @ 7,750rpm -100kW
  • Wheel drive:  Rear wheel, drive shaft
  • torque:          96.2 ftlb@ 6500rpm
  • top speed:     137mph
  • Price:             £12,600.00 (estimated)
  • Gearing:        Six-speed helical synchromesh gearbox
  • Estimated arrival at dealers: Autumn 2019
Current model pictured

BMW's most controversial motorcycle is back with a new redesign for 2019, which is the iconic BMW R1200GS. Fans of the GS1200 have been eagerly awaiting an updated release to get their hands on. Well, the wait is almost over as the new BMW R1200GS is on its way for 2019.

BMW R1250GS will feature a new and improved boxer engine that will produce approximately 135BHP thanks to VVT (variable valve timing). This is not only a boost for this sports adventure machine but also the most powerful engine to date from the R1200GS with an additional 84cc over the previous model and a brand-new TFT Dash.

We have also received some insider knowledge and understand that there will not be many changes to the aesthetics of the bike as most owners have been perfectly happy with the all-around comfort and manoeuvrability. However, they have focused on the bike’s engine and power. so what can we expect? a pumped up version of the current bike (pictured below) with the odd injection of beast mode thanks to the VVT and additional 84cc. We can also expect a weight reduction and improved engine note from the awesome boxer engine and exhaust to make it more noise friendly to the environment in which we have been advised will go from 92db to 88db. This will be due to an all-new exhaust system and changes to the cylinder head and cam covers, however, we cannot confirm all the final details.

Current model pictured

The new BMW R1250GS, on the other hand, is likely to be a litter heavier than its younger sibling and will weigh in at around 249kg which is a 5kg add on to the current R1200 models which can make a lot of a difference with a bike that already weights a fair bit as it is. so we are not surprised that BMW has upped the power to balance out the increased weight.

BMW is expected to reveal a whole array of bikes including the R1250RT available for the next year, while the R1250R roadster could come later in 2020, BMW will share the grand reveal of the bike at Intermot in Cologne in October 2018. Although.

As for toys, we can expect all the extras found on the current 2018 bike should you be willing to pay the top premium, which includes your heated grips, cruise control, ABS, style package, Dynamic Traction Control, Dynamic ESA, LED headlights, keyless ignition, daytime riding lights, hill start control, onboard computer, shift assist, Dynamic riding modes, GPS preparation, chrome exhaust, heated grips, tyre pressure control, hand guards, LED indicators and ABS Pro.with some added improvements to the breaks and suspension to give you a more comfortable ride no matter the terrain. Although we are yet to see the final production motorcycle, it is disappointing to hear of the additional weight increase, however, we look forward to riding it in the coming months and giving our final opinion.

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ldnbikes I rode the Honda Africa Twin which I thought was a great bike and I would expect this to be on par or better 3 years ago
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