2019 Mercedes A45 is on its way


When I heard the New Mercedes A45 AMG will be getting over 400bhp from its new engine, my jaw dropped and I asked Mercedes to "take all my money right now" because coupled with the 4matic four-wheel drive, we finally have a car ready to take on the likes of Audi's RS3 and boy am I Excited. Still maintaining a 2.0-litre turbocharged engine which is a re-designed version of the current unit Mercedes have managed to really bring this engine to life if they hadn't done so already.

The biggest talk of the town is the fact that this will be kicking out over 200bph per litre which is more than the 197bhp-per-litre Mclaren Senna delivers. 'The Predator' is what they are calling it at AMG due to its extreme performance, is expected to hand it to the Audi RS3 current kingpin of the super-hatches, however, BMW is ready to throw a spanner in the works with the BMW M2 CSL which is just around the corner and making a lot of noise, well enough to keep Audi and Mercedes on their toes. We can also confirm that a softer A35 AMG will be a hitting the streets before the big brother early 2019.

The A35 AMG is likely to put out around 300bhp from a tamed 2.0litre version of the same engine which will go up against the Audi S3, VW Golf R and Honda Civic Type-R.

The new A-Class is 10mm longer than the current car with a new floor pan and body structure that are claimed to provide significant increases in rigidity. The A45's big power will be accompanied with quad pipes, where the A35 AMG will get a dual-exit system similar to the current set up.


The A45 gets its own unique chassis developments with optionally adjustable dampers offering for the track day enthusiast and serious drivers with the stiff suspension set up. The current A45 is known for its stiff adjustable set-up but with the new one sitting 10mm lower will this be a track focused car only and unusable on the road due to its uncomfortable rides.

The original A45 is capable of 0-62mph in 4.2sec with 381bhp at its disposable, So we expect the new model to shave seconds off that time to at least 4.0 second (Impressive). We expect to see an additional 20lb ft to complement the 400+ BHP motor. it appears to be a new age for family hatchbacks.

The A45 will also see a new gearbox and multi-plate-clutch, a four-wheel-drive system which has been redesigned to handle more torque from the new model.


The Nitty Gritty Specs:

  • Engine:          1991cc
  • Fuel:              Petrol
  • Power:           406bhp
  • Wheel drive:  Four wheel drive
  • torque:          370lbs ft
  • top speed:    (limited to) 155mph
  • Price:            £46,000.00


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