2019 Bmw S1000rr leaked

With the 10th Anniversary of BMW's S1000rr we knew a redesigned model was on its way, however, we did not expect it to look like this. One thing that I loved most about the looks was its wild shark grilles to the side, its cockeyed headlights and aggressive rear light cluster. But it looks as though that's all about to change. 

I think what most of us really care about is the power performance and specs, let's face it, it's going to be hard to improve the current S1000rr which currently boast top specs like ABS pro, Traction control, Race ABS Disengageable, 5 Riding Modes; Rain, Sport, Race plus two custom modes, 199bhp and weighing 208kg fully fueled, quick shifters and auto blippers, DDC and heated grips, what can we really expect from the 2019 BMW S1000rr, well simple, all of the above with improved brakes and suspension to deal with the increase in power output which is expected to be around 210bhp, which will bring it in line with the likes of Ducati's Panigale V4 (211bhp) and Aprilia RSV4 (201bhp).

It's evident that BMW will be providing us with a brand new inline 4 with some heavy tweaks to improve its all-around performance throughout the rev range and with that said, it’s likely to be among the first new bikes to meet the Euro5 emissions regulations that are set to be introduced in Europe in 2020.

BMW has also managed to reduce the size of the side-slung exhaust can, which is half the size of the current S1000RR. There’s a new catalytic converter, which is a dual system each attached to two of the four downpipes. 

BMW is expected to officially unveil the S1000RR at October’s Intermot show in Cologne, Germany, along with a massive model range revamp that will also include the likes of R1250RT, F850GS Adventure, R1250GS and R1250GS Adventure.

Not only has BMW dropped a new engine into the bike but it also sits in a whole new chassis. It’s still an aluminium beam frame, but instead of the normal straight beams on either side, there are new Z-shape rails that closely follow the engine and transmission. we believe this is to improve cornering speed and straight-line performance and helps to keep the bike compact; with that said, we know the wheels are conventional 17-inch forged rims, with the overall size of the 2019 S1000RR appears to be far smaller than its predecessor.

Given the new technical aspects of the bike, BMW has clearly opted to take a new styling direction. The side panels are also more symmetrical than before, although BMW is keeping a vestige of the ‘gills’ that have always been present on the right-hand side of S 1000 RRs.

2018 Bmw S1000rr above

There is also a new underslung swingarm, which is braced from below, which is very rear in modern day bikes given the requirement for exhaust space, however, should see improvements for handling given the lower weight spread. 

The seat subframe adopts a tubular, trellis design rather than the square-section aluminium tubing currently seen on the existing S1000RR; a measure intended to save weight.

Overall, we already welcome this bike as we know it is likely to keep the competitors on their toes and keep pushing the Supersports to be better, faster and safer future.



The Nitty Gritty Spec:

  • Engine:          999cc inline four
  • Power:           208bhp (estimated)
  • torque:          117lb ft
  • top speed:     (limited to) 189mph
  • Price:            £15,250.00 (Estimated)
  • release date: February 2019


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