Peterborough Classic and Vintage Car Show 2018

Peterborough Classic and Vintage Car Show

As a fanatic and enthusiasts of cars and motorcycles, it was great to see Peterborough bringing a community together sharing their pride and joy and making it a great family day out for all ages, with fair rides for the kids (although the adults seem to enjoy them just as much), to stalls and charities donations.  

This show was a little bit more special for me because it was spent with friends and family, so was good hearing their views on the classic motors from the likes of Ford, Mercedes, Volkswagen, TVR and many many more. 

But let’s get right to it, the cars on show did not disappoint at the Peterborough embankment, starting with more than a hand full of restored and maintained TVR’s to iconic 1961 Mercedes 190SL (above), which has taken the owner 12 years to fully strip and rebuild from the ground up following an original purchase price of £2,896.00 back in 2006 and now holding a value in the region of £180,000.00 to £230,000.00 it was a job worth the wait and the attention to detail in this car like most on display, was second to none. 

It was also great to see friends both young and old(er) displaying classic cars like the Awesome 1200cc 1969 Volkswagen Beetle (below) by (father and son) Darnell and Winston, a project that is enjoyed and appreciated for its character. I was later taken for a spin in the car when the show finished and it was an experience modern cars struggle to offer, heritage and history.

When I Asked Darnell what the show meant to him he said "To me it meant a day out to show off and appreciate some of the classics that were around... and admiring how much effort and time people put into the upkeep of their cars, while bringing people from all different ages and backgrounds together, friends + family."

It was nice to be reminded of what first interested me in the motor world with cars like the Ford Sierra & Escort Cosworth, Lancia Delta and Nissan 300ZX. We also got talking to owners who have both been restoring and maintaining cars for the past 50 years. We caught up with Paul whos father sadly passed away and is now maintaining his beloved 1965 Austin A40 which has been in the family from new, although it looked like it had only exited the showroom that morning. 

It was also refreshing to see a collection of Scooters and motorcycles on display reminding us that the motor community is for all walks of life and we all appreciate the classic motor industry.

However, one of my favourites has to be Colin's Ford Cortina with a custom engine from a modern-day ford which sat next to the all so serious Ford Focus RS mk1, which reminds us of how far the motor industry has come in the performance game and what it takes to be a true legendary classic.

As the show grows stronger through the years we look forward to seeing what others have hidden away in the storage for the past 50 years and more of what the youngsters have to bring to the table and will it continue to be a tradition passed down through the generations.

See all our photos from this event Here and check out our Youtube channel to see the video 


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